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Professional Optician Universal Screwdriver

Professional flat screwdriver, for Optician. Used for many years in Optical Workshops, this model is robust and reliable over time.

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21,00 €

The ultimate screwdriver for Opticians. Both robust and light, it has a metal body, mounted on a pivoting axis. The Optician thus keeps control of the screwdriver, without having to let go of the socket for each turn of the screw.

Its blade is specially designed not to chip and dull. It is designed in a more rigid and solid material than the majority of screws on the optical market. Thus, it will not break during a complicated loosening.

The size of its flat blade, gives it an adaptation to the generality of optical and solar frames on the market from 2000 to 2020.

You will find in our shop the same Phillips screwdriver.

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